Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Look At: Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Tony Shaloub should just be happy he still is remembered. I’ll say it again: I forgot Monk was still on the air. Either way, I hate to say this, but you shouldn’t count him out.

Jermaine Clement shocked us all with a nomination, and so did Flight of the Conchords. Despite the surprising love for Conchords, I think that he should just be happy enough people wanted him on the short list.

Charlie Sheen is the one consistent on Two and a Half Men. No matter how the show goes, Sheen is always funny, I just wish he had a better vehicle to finally win a deserved Emmy, and unfortunately I think he’ll sit out another year.

I really wish Jim Parson would win this award, I just think that it is too soon. The Emmys tend to reward experience, so my bet is that he’ll have to wait this year, and he will soon be rewarded for his labors.

So then it comes down to two very familiar faces. Steve Carrell I think has a great shot this year, but unfortunately for him, 30 Rock is on TV. Despite year after year snubs for Carrell, I think this year, once again, goes to Alec Baldwin.

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