Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Look at: Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Before we know it, the Emmy Awards will be presented, so it is time to take a look at each main category. Some of my predictions have changed since my initial impressions, some have not, but here is a look at the state of race at this point.

Initially, I predicted Jane Krakowski to win for 30 Rock. But that was simply a state of 30 Rock euphoria after its record-setting nomination total. Now that I have taken some time to really think about it, I feel that, no matter how funny she is, as a first time nominee, they may want to reward a veteran first.

Elizabeth Perkins is constantly good on Weeds, but also constantly submits unfunny episodes. Weeds may be a dramedy, but in order to really have a shot, it needs to exploit its funny side.

Vanessa Williams has deserved an Emmy for her performance as Wilhelmina from day one, but with the downturn in quality of Ugly Betty, and the semi-poor selection of episode submission, I feel that once again, she will sit this one out.

Kristin Wiig is consistently hilarious, but some of her characters are not the most popular, and can be seen as a little bit annoying, which could affect votes. However, I think the real issue stopping her is Amy Poehler.

Then It comes down to two; the first being Kristin Chenoweth. Her episode submission was brilliant, and this once popular show with Emmy voters may get one more chance at snagging a big award.

I think though Emmy voters will respond to the renewed critical and audience response to SNL, most of which can be traced by to the 2008 Election. I think for her last season on SNL, voters will feel sentimental and give a well-deserved Emmy to: Amy Poehler

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