Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie & Julia Reviews

So the word is in, and it's looking pretty good for Nora Ephron's new comedy Julie & Julia. As of right now it has a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes (80% for Top Critics), 65 on Metacritic, and an 88/Critic's Choice Honor from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. While these aren't stellar reviews, they are better than last week's comedic venture Funny People. The biggest news in Meryl Streep. While its no suprise, it seems the big reason this movie works is because of her tour-de-France turn as the legendary Julia Childs.

As for Oscar potential, I hate to say the only possibility I see is a nomination for Streep, as Adams seems to be getting less than stellar reviews. As for Golden Globes, a Best Picture possibility is a definite.

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