Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Limited Series

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions
American Crime
The Night Manager
The People Vs. OJ Simpson

Other Contenders - American Horror Story: Hotel, Show Me A Hero, 11.22.63, Flesh & Bone, Childhood's End, The Girlfriend Experience, War & Peace, London Spy, Madoff, Saints and Strangers, True Detective, TUT, The Spoils Before Dying

Commentary - American Horror Story has cleaned up almost every year with Emmy nods. So why is it all of the sudden not making the cut? Well, that might change as a I get closer and get frantic, but for now, I think its time may be over. It will continue to get a lot of nods, particularly the technical ones, but this category is just so packed this year, I don't know who it beats out. Fargo and The People Vs. OJ Simpson are your top two contenders, and I feel pretty solid about American Crime as well, after it did better than expected last season. Roots came back with rave reviews, and while it may not have had the ratings phenomenon that was the original, I think people really responded to it. The last slot is for The Night Manager, but I think it could be the one that could lose out to either AHS, or maybe HBO's Show Me a Hero. Never discount HBO at the Emmys, those folks know how to get their shows in. I would honestly be surprised if anyone other than those seven made it, but True Detective could have had more fans than expected, and the Brits with London Spy and War & Peace are on the radar.

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