Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Limited Series

2016 Nomination Predictions
Sterling K. Brown "The People Vs. OJ Simpson"
Hugh Laurie "The Night Manager"
Anthony Mackie "All the Way"
Denis O'Hare "American Horror Story: Hotel"
Jesse Plemmons "Fargo"
Forest Whitaker "Roots"

Other Contenders - Wendell Pierce "Confirmation", Frank Langella "All the Way", Bradley Whitford "All the Way", Ted Danson "Fargo", Bokeem Woodbine "Fargo", John Travolta "The People Vs. OJ Simpson", Connor Jessup "American Crime", Richard Cabral "American Crime", Martin Freeman "Sherlock: The Abominable Bride", Nathan Lane "The People Vs. OJ Simpson", Chris Cooper "11.22.63", Jim Broadbent "War & Peace", Jim Broadbent "London Spy", Andre Benjamin "American Crime", Elvis Nolasco "American Crime", Brad Garrett "Fargo", David Alan Grier "The Wiz Live!", Edward Holcroft "London Spy", Alfred Molina "Show Me A Hero", Nick Offerman "Fargo", Evan Peters "American Horror Story: Hotel", Finn Wittrock "American Horror Story: Hotel", Jeffrey Wright "Confirmation"

Commentary - Sterling K. Brown is fantastic in The People Vs. OJ Simpson, and I hope that voters have enough sense to leave off Travolta (who if he gets in, does so on name alone). The AHS guys are yet another test of AHS's strength. Denis O'Hare has managed to always make the cut, but I feel like others like Peters and Wittrock (a nominee last year), will miss out. There are a LOT of guys from Fargo, including Emmy favorites like Ted Danson and Brad Garrett, the fantastic Bokeem Woodbine, and Nick Offerman. But I think if anyone makes the cut it is Jesse Plemmons, who was more like a lead in many ways, and was a scene-stealer. All the Way has a lot of great guys as well, and something tells me I am an idiot for not picking Langella or Whitford, but Anthony Mackie has the better role. Hugh Laurie is an Emmy favorite and great in The Night Manager, and Forest Whitaker is an Oscar-winner in the well-received reboot of Roots. I expect both will do well with Emmy voters. But that leaves out the American Crime guys, particularly Elvis Nolasco, Connor Jessup, and last year's nominee Richard Cabral. Jim Broadbent has two great roles, Martin Freeman has done well here before, Alfred Molina was great in Show Me a Hero, and David Alan Grier was exuberant. The two I am really looking for are the Confirmation pair of Wendell Pierce and Jeffrey Wright. Both are great, but I wonder if it is Kerry Washington that will get the most reward. That being said, neither should not be discounted.

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