Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Movie/Limited Series

2016 Nomination Predictions
Kirsten Dunst "Fargo"
Felicity Huffman "American Crime"
Audra McDonald "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill"
Sarah Paulson "The People Vs. OJ Simpson"
Lili Taylor "American Crime"
Kerry Washington "Confirmation"

Other Contenders - Lady Gaga "American Horror Story: Hotel", Riley Keough "The Girlfriend Experience", Julianne Hough "Grease Live!", Shanice Williams "The Wiz Live!", Angela Lansbury "Driving Miss Daisy", Blythe Danner "Madoff", Sarah Gadon "11.22.63", Sarah Hay "Flesh and Bone", Lily James "War & Peace", Alyvia Alyn Land "Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors", Rachel McAdams "True Detective", Samantha Morton "The Last Panthers", Kristen Wiig "A Deadly Adoption"

Commentary - Lady Gaga may have won a Golden Globe for AHS, but I'm not sure that she can make the cut here at the Emmys. Unfortunately, I think the sixth slot belongs to the fantastic Lili Taylor. I hope that Emmy voters recognize that while Gaga is great, Taylor is so much better. The other five feel like they are good to go. Paulson is an Emmy favorite (despite no wins), Washington is great, Dunst is fantastic, Huffman was nominated for American Crime last year, and McDonald is a previous Emmy winner, has already won a Tony for this role, and is just freaking fantastic. Beyond those seven there is Riley Keough for The Girlfriend Experience, Julianne Hough (although I don't know why), the impeccable Shanice Williams, Sarah Gadon, and legends like Blythe Danner and Angela Lansbury, none of which should be discounted. Also watch out for Sarah Hay, Alyvia Alyn Land as a young Dolly Parton, newly minted Oscar nominee Rachel McAdams (the best thing about an otherwise awful season), and Kristen Wiig.

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  1. Andrew, I think you're probably right. PBS did not nominate Angela Lansbury. I don't know why not.