Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Made for Television Movie

2016 Nomination Predictions
All the Way
The Dresser
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Other Contenders - A Very Murray Christmas, Coat of Many Colors, Saints and Strangers, Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump's Art of the Deal: The Movie, Wallander: The Troubled Man

Commentary - As Limited Series explode onto the scene, TV Movies feel like they are slowly dying. But I'm glad they split the categories, because it gives more slots to other side. All the Way and Confirmation are your leading contenders, with HBO on their side. The Dresser is a late-breaking contender that seems to have lit up the critics, and might do the same with Emmy voters. Sherlock's film The Abominable Bride was good, but I feel like the whole series has kind of lost their initial touch. Emmy voters have liked this series a lot in the past, and this category is weak. It's in. The final slot I think will remain with Luther. But Murray's special, Dolly Parton's Coat of Main Colors and Saints and Strangers are right behind it.

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