Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 Emmy Predictions: Directing and Writing for Variety Series/Special

Best Directing in a Variety Series
Will Win - Jerry Foley "The Late Show with David Letterman - Show 4214"
Could Win - Amy Schumer and Ryan McFaul "Inside Amy Schumer - 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer", or Chuck O'Neil "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Show 20103"
Should Win - Amy Schumer and Ryan McFaul "Inside Amy Schumer - 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer"
Commentary -  So this is an interesting one. The perennial winner the last several years, Don Roy King for Saturday Night Live, was surprisingly snubbed here, and has been replaced by another sketch show, the new favorite, Inside Amy Schumer. It, like Saturday Night Live, has many moving parts, and it is a great episode, not just for Schumer, but for the technical team. So in normal years, I think that would be our winner. It is just the type of episode that appeals to these directors. But I think that there is a sentimental favorite here. I don't know if Dave Letterman can go all the way in the series category, but I don't think he goes home empty handed. The DGA and the Emmys have liked Late Show in the directing category in the past. It is a close race, and we would all be dumb to discount Amy Schumer, as she is on fire as of late, but I think they give Dave and his team one last shot at glory.

Best Writing in a Variety Series
Will Win - The Colbert Report
Could Win - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Inside Amy Schumer
Should Win - Inside Amy Schumer
Commentary - These variety races are starting to get some heat under them. For years it was the same folks over and over, and while The Daily Show will probably win one last time, we are starting to see some rumblings in the below-the-line races, and have started to see then for a few years now. The inclusions of Key and Peele and Inside Amy Schumer, show the rise of great sketch comedy, and both Colbert and Stewart better watch out for John Oliver, who I think could easily become an Emmy favorite, and soon. But, there is also a lot of continuity in these categories, and The Colbert Report has won this category the last two years. So I am picking it to win a third. But watch out for some sneaky new guys who are gunning for Emmy gold.

Best Directing in a Variety Special
Will Win - Don Roy King "The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special"
Could Win - Glenn Weiss "The 68th Annual Tony Awards" or Louis J. Horvitz "The Kennedy Center Honors"
Should Win - Don Roy King "The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special"
Commentary - So you know how I was saying it was odd that Don Roy King was snubbed for SNL? Well he wasn't completely, as he did their 40th Anniversary Special, which was one of the best couple of hours on television in the last six months, and he is a juggernaut with these directors. But he is going up against two other juggernauts: Glenn Weiss and Louis J. Horvitz. So it is tough three-way race, and it will definitely be hard for the directors to pick. I think that the spectacle, and the one-time only nature of SNL's 40th Anniversary will break the tie.

Best Writing in a Variety Special
Will Win - The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special
Could Win - Mel Brooks "Mel Brooks Life at the Geffen" or Louis C.K. "Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store"
Should Win - The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards
Commentary - Here is yet another opportunity Emmy voters to give Amy Poehler an Emmy. You probably want but I hope that at least a few of you recognize this fact. That being said, it is easy in this category to think it is a race between Brooks and C.K. The writers love these types of stand-up specials, and both these guys are Emmy favorites. But I think that the litany of awesome people attached to the spectacle that was the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, will have enough sway to win this one as well. Of course unless you want to give Amy Poehler an Emmy. Seriously, give her an Emmy. It is beyond ridiculous at this point.

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