Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Emmy Predictions: Best Directing and Writing in a Comedy Series

Best Directing in a Comedy Series
Will Win - Armando Iannucci "Veep - Testimony"

Could Win - Phil Lord and Christopher Miller "The Last Man on Earth - Pilot" or Jill Soloway "Transparent - Best New Girl"

Should Win - Armando Iannucci "Veep - Testimony"

Commentary - It is interesting that the pilot of The Last Man on Earth got so much love, but the series as a whole was ignored. My guess is that they actually watched the rest of the series, and realized that while the pilot was brilliant, and could easily win here, especially with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller at the helm, that the rest of the first season did not hold up as well as its initial offering. That is the wild card, but this category, like the top one seems to be between Veep and Transparent. Both are fantastic shows, and both are locked in a fierce battle in many categories. Transparent's episode is beautiful, but I think that Veep is in the lead here. Testimony is a classic director's episode with so many moving parts, and shifts back and forth. Like many of the Modern Family episodes that have won in recent years, this one moves its whole cast in a way that works, which is a sign of a skilled director. Plus, this is an honor for the show's creator Armando Iannucci, who has yet to win an Emmy for Veep.

Best Writing in a Comedy Series
Will Win - Jill Soloway "Transparent - Pilot"

Could Win - Simon Blackwell, Armando Innanucci, and Tony Roche "Veep - Election Night", or Louis C.K. "Louie - Bobby's House"

Should Win - Alec Berg "Silicon Valley - Two Days of the Condor"

Commentary - Election Night is hilarious, well-written, and teaches a cool Constitutional lesson in the process. And while this was far from Louie's best season, the writers love Louis C.K., and like all of his nominations and wins in the category, it is a stand out for its writing. On a personal note, the season finale of Silicon Valley, like the end of  the first season, as fast-paced, intelligent, and wildly funny. But I think that the balance of humor and drama, the beautiful and honest discussion that occurs in the pilot of Transparent feels like the perfect winner for the writers here, and the perfect place to honor the series, especially if it loses to Veep in the top category.

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