Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Emmy Predictions: Best Variety Sketch Series

Will Win - Inside Amy Schumer

Could Win - Saturday Night Live

Should Win - Inside Amy Schumer

Commentary - So for years now, the only sketch show to crack the combined Variety Series category was Saturday Night Live. It is an American treasure, a classic and beloved television show, and the most honored in Emmy history. It has also not won the program prize in a long time, so it is due. But SNL had a rough transition season. I see a lot of potential, but it failed to make either the directing or writing categories, and had less guest spots than normal (although their failure to submit any of their female co-stars may have had something to do with it. Sarah Silverman would have easily gotten in). So I think it is a weak year for the king of sketch comedies, but I would not discount it. This is the first year in its new category, and the fact is that it probably could have still gotten nominated in a combined category. But there is an upstart here that I think will eclipse it this year. Of course I am speaking of Inside Amy Schumer. She is the hottest television star right now, her show got a butt-load of nominations, after being ignored before, and she is also a burgeoning film star. Don't be surprised if voters go for the old favorite, but I think they will choose their new favorite star.

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