Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor in a Drama Series

2014 Nomination Predictions
Bryan Cranston "Breaking Bad"
Jon Hamm "Mad Men"
Woody Harrelson "True Detective"
Matthew McConaughey "True Detective"
Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"
James Spader "The Blacklist"

Other Contenders - Damian Lewis "Homeland", Jeff Daniels "The Newsroom", Michael Sheen "Masters of Sex", Hugh Bonneville "Downton Abbey", Matthew Rhys "The Americans", Michael C. Hall "Dexter", Demian Bichir "The Bridge", Hugh Dancy "Hannibal", Freddie Highmore "Bates' Motel", Steve Buscemi "Boardwalk Empire", Jamie Bell "Turn"

Commentary - No matter what happens with these nominations, we know that Bryan Cranston and Matthew McConaughey will probably be fighting it out for the prize, with Kevin Spacey as a distant third. Beyond these three though, I honestly do not have any idea what will come in terms of these nominations, it is truly a crazy tight race that could offer up some huge surprises come Thursday morning. Matthew McConaughey is getting most of the buzz, but I find it hard to believe that people who were True Detective fans would not also vote for Woody Harrelson, a television legend, an Emmy winner (with a total of seven nominations), and a well respected actor within the acting community. I think he gets in along with his co-star. Jon Hamm is set to return, but he is definitely vulnerable, as Mad Men ages, and new shiny contenders come in, this may be the year they start to move on. Finally, I think James Spader, despite the fact that The Blacklist will probably (shamefully) not make too much of a mark elsewhere, will get another nomination. He has a huge, flashy role that was beloved by critics, and he has the same scene-chewing performance that won him so many Emmys over this career. I think he has a lot to overcome, and like Hamm, is relatively vulnerable, but I think he has enough goodwill left over to get in once again. So that seems easy right? That is my problem, because in picking these six, I am leaving out the last two guys to actually win this category. Jeff Daniels is a big personality, and plays a huge role, and Damian Lewis has a huge baity role this season. These two could easily get back in, and leave out the likes of Hamm, Harrelson, and Spader. But I think both will suffer from either their show's lack of overall support (Daniels) or their shows rapid decline (Lewis). But still, it is Lewis I am most worried about, simply because I think I, and most Emmy watchers, are underestimating its lack of support. I think we could also be underestimating the lack of support for Masters of Sex. It has a Mad Men-vibe, and if it racks up nominations, then Michael Sheen could get in, although he, and the rest of the cast, have the problem of being a bit subdued. Hugh Bonneville should not be discounted. He has proven us all wrong several times, and Downton will probably still be popular among voters. Also watch out for Matthew Rhys. If The Americans surges, which is could very possibly due, then he has a real shot here, as his role is incredibly showy and the best of the series.

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