Wednesday, November 20, 2013

American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Television Nominees

When the guilds announced around this time of year, through February, we not only get a glimpse at the Oscar race, but also at the early Emmy race as well. They are not as good of barometers of the Emmys as they are of the Oscars, but it is nice to see where guild members are falling, particularly on new shows. Dracula is probably going to be cancelled, so probably some tech nods may be all it gets. But getting Sleepy Hollow in is a nice touch, especially because I see it being a huge hit at the Creative Arts ceremony. Check out the nominees below:

One-hour Episodic Television Series
"Magic City" - "The Sins of the Father" (Steven Bernstein)
"Boardwalk Empire" - "Erlk├Ânig" (David Franco)
"Game of Thrones" - "Valar Dohaeris" (Jonathan Freeman)
"The Borgias" - "The Purge" (Pierre Gill)
"Beauty and the Beast" - "Tough Love" (David Greene)
"Game of Thrones" - "Kissed by Fire" (Anette Haellmigk)
"Sleepy Hollow" - "Pilot" (Kramer Morgenthau)
"Dracula" - "The Blood is the Life"

Half-hour Episodic Series
"House of Lies" - "The Runner Stumbles" (Peter Levy)
"Alpha House" - "Pilot" (Matthew J. Lloyd)
"Drunk History" - "Detroit" (Blake McClure)

Television Movie/Miniseries
"Killing Lincoln" (Jeremy Benning)
"The White Queen" - "War at First Hand" (David Luther)
"Dancing on the Edge" - "Episode 1.1" (Ashley Rowe)

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