Sunday, December 6, 2015

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

I will be updating throughout the afternoon/evening!

Best Picture - Spotlight
       Runner Up - Mad Max: Fury Road  
Best Director - George Miller "Mad Max: Fury Road"
       Runner Up - Todd Haynes "Carol"
Best Actress - Charlotte Rampling "45 Years"
       Runner Up - Saoirse Ronan "Brooklyn"
Best Actor - Michael Fassbender "Steve Jobs"
       Runner Up - Geza Rohrig "Son of Saul"
Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vikander "Ex Machina"
       Runner Up - Kristen Stewart "Clouds of Sils Maria"
Best Supporting Actor - Michael Shannon "99 Homes"
       Runner Up - Mark Rylance "Bridge of Spies"
Best Animation - Anomalisa
       Runner Up - Inside Out
Best Documentary - Amy
       Runner Up - The Look of Silence
Best Foreign Language Film - Son of Saul
       Runner Up - The Tribe
Best Screenplay - Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy "Spotlight"
       Runner Up - Charlie Kaufman "Anomalisa"
Best Editing - Hank Corwin "The Big Short"
       Runner Up - Margaret Sixel "Mad Max: Fury Road"
Best Production Design - Colin Gibson "Mad Max: Fury Road"
       Runner Up - Judy Becker "Carol"
Best Music Score - Carter Burwell "Carol" and "Anomalisa"
       Runner Up - Ennio Morricone "The Hateful Eight"
Best Cinematography - John Seale "Mad Max: Fury Road"
       Runner Up - Edward Lachman "Carol"
New Generation - Ryan Coogler "Creed"

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