Friday, December 18, 2015

Chicago Film Critics Association Award Winners

Best Picture
Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Director
George Miller "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Best Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio "The Revenant"

Best Actress
Brie Larson "Room"

Best Supporting Actor
Benicio Del Toro "Sicario"

Best Supporting Actress
Alicia Vikander "Ex Machina"

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay
The Big Short

Best Animated Feature
Inside Out

Best Documentary

Best Foreign Film
Son of Saul

Best Cinematography
John Seale "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Best Score
Ennio Morricone "The Hateful Eight"

Best Art Direction
Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Editing
Mad Max: Fury Road

Most Promising Performer
Jacob Tremblay "Room"

Most Promising Filmmaker
Alex Garland "Ex Machina"

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