Monday, January 2, 2012

PGA Predicitions

Tomorrow, the Producer's Guild of America will announce its ten nominees for Best Picture, and for Best Animated Feature, hopefully painting a clearer picture for these top races.

Here are my Best Picture Predictions:

The Artist
The Descendants
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
The Help
Midnight in Paris
War Horse

Commentary - Tree of Life, Ides of March, Drive, Tinker, are all possibilies. Extremely Loud really needs this to keep it in the race, and I don't think it will get it. My current seven predictions for the Oscar are Artist, Descendants, Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, and War Horse, and I fully expect all seven to make the cut. It is the last three slots that are giving me trouble. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a hit, and despite lack of precursor response I think it could sneak in here. In the last two slots I am going with populist choices, as producers like money, and Bridesmaids and Harry Potter made money. But the last three choices are really shots in the dark, so we'll have to see tomorrow morning to see what they will do.

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