Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golden Globe Awards - Film Predictions

Best Picture - Drama
Will Win - The Descendants
Should Win - The Help or The Descendants
Could Win - Hugo or The Help
Commentary - I think this is between three films. War Horse, The Ides of March, and Moneyball, while all worthy, will have to take a backburner. The Help and Hugo were both big films with lots of support, and there is a good chance that Martin Scorsese takes the directing award, which could reach up the ladder. However, The Descendants is the biggest contender of the bunch, and is most likely will reign supreme

Best Picture - Comedy/Musical
Will Win - The Artist
Should Win - 50/50 or Bridesmaids
Could Win - Bridesmaids
Commentary - I liked The Artist (I will post a review later), and I will be completely shocked if it doesn't win. But if I had a vote it would go to either 50/50 or Bridesmaids.

Best Actor - Drama
Will Win - George Clooney "The Descendants"
Should Win - Pitt or Clooney
Could Win - Brad Pitt "Moneyball"
Commentary - Like all of the awards shows this season, it is between Pitt and Clooney. I think the popularity of The Descendants will help Clooney prevail, but Pitt's win would not surprise me.

Best Actress - Drama
Will Win - Meryl Streep "The Iron Lady"
Should Win/Could Win - Viola Davis "The Help"
Commentary - This is a two horse race, and I fully expect that either name will be called. While I still have a hunch that Davis could prevail, we must not forget that the HFPA loves Meryl Streep (She's won seven of them), and I think that the power of her performance may be too much to overcome.

Best Actor - Comedy/Musical
Will Win - Jean Dujardin "The Artist"
Should Win - Joseph Gordon-Levitt "50/50"
Could Win - Gordon-Levitt, Wilson
Commentary - I firmly believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the most talented young actors working today and that his work in 50/50 was stunning. But if anyone other than Jean Dujardin wins this award, I will genuinely be surprised.

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical
Will Win - Michelle Williams "My Week With Marilyn"
Should Win - Williams or Kristen Wiig "Bridesmaids"
Could Win - Wiig, Theron
Commentary - While I still think that My Week With Marilyn getting into these categories is a sham (The Help was funnier than it), Michelle Williams is so far ahead of her competitors its not even funny. Although a win for Wiig would make me jump out of my seat with joy.

Best Supporting Actor
Will Win - Christopher Plummer "Beginners"
Should Win - Plummer or Albert Brooks "Drive"
Could Win - Brooks
Commentary - Brooks is a real threat, but I have a feeling that Plummer continues his BFCA win on his march to the Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress
Will Win - Octavia Spencer "The Help"
Should Win - Spencer, or Jessica Chastain "The Help"
Could Win - Chastain or Berenice Bejo "The Artist"
Commentary - I think that Chastain, as a fresh young talent, has a shot, and Bejo is in the ever-popular artist. But I think that, like Plummer, Spencer has started her march to the top prize, and I think the Golden Globe is one of her pit stops.

Best Director
Will Win - Martin Scorsese "Hugo"
Should Win - Alexander Payne "The Descendants" or Scorsese
Could Win - Michel Hazanavicius "The Artist"
Commentary - Hazanavicius is obviously the frontrunner, but Scorsese has done well, even when his film didn't win the top award, and has won  twice. I think that there may be a split this year, with Scorsese taking the directing prize.

Best Screenplay
Will Win - Woody Allen "Midnight in Paris"
Should Win - The Descendants or Moneyball
Could Win - The Artist, The Descendants, or Moneyball
Commentary - I honestly don't know where to go with this one. The Artist is the Oscar frontrunner, The Descendants and Moneyball are the top contenders for the Adapted prize. So I am going with good old Woody Allen. I feel like they like Midnight in Paris, and will want to reward it for something.

Best Animated Feature
Will Win - Rango
Should Win - Rango
Could Win - The Adventures of Tintin
Commentary - Spielberg could reign supreme, but I think Rango is the favorite this year.

Best Foreign Language Film
Will Win - A Separation
Should Win - A Separation
Could Win - In the Land of Blood and Honey
Commentary - A Seperation should win here, and I think it will prevail. But do not underestimate the power of Angelina Jolie. They nominated her for The Tourist for God's sake. If anyone can take down the powerhouse A Seperation, it is Jolie and her blinding star power.

Best Original Score
Will Win - Ludovic Bource "The Artist"
Should Win - John Williams "War Horse" or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Could Win - Williams, Reznor/Ross, or Shore
Commentary - I think Williams' score for War Horse was his best in many years, and the score for TGWTDT is haunting and perfectly fit for the film. But Bource's score for The Artist is  executed by its score, considering ther ise no dialogue, and I think the HFPA will reward that.

Best Original Song
Will Win - Mary J. Blige and Team "The Living Proof" from "The Help"
Should Win - The Living Proof or Hello Hello
Could Win - Madonna "Masterpiece" from W.E.
Commentary - Madonna has won this award before at the Globes, and the HFPA loves huge stars. But Mary J. Blige is also nominated (as is Elton John), so I think the power of The Help will overrule any alterior motives this year.

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