Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cannes 2011: The Skin I Live In Reviews

Pedro Almodovar's latest film starring Antonio Banderas, seems to be even stranger than his previous efforts, although despite its weirdness, it also seems as if they are mostly good reviews as well.

Andrew O'Hehir from Salon

"It's less a film you'll fall in love with than a film you'll tell your friends they absolutely must see, and that should be enough to make it a hit around the world."

Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian

"For those who would like Almodóvar to do something radical – and this was rather how this movie had been misleadingly billed here in Cannes – then The Skin I Live In might try the patience. But I can only say that it kept me gripped from first to last. The sheer muscular confidence of Almodóvar’s film-making language gives it force, and co-exists with a dancer’s elegance and grace."

Even Eric Kohn at Indiewire, who was not that fond of the film, still gave it a B-:

"Almodóvar takes this material in several directions, sometimes toying with horror pastiche, and occasionally simply ramping up the suspense. The result is an inventive set-up that wanders around, as if Almodóvar just wanted the opportunity to move away from the dramatic turf where he has resided of late. If nothing else, “Skin” illustrates that a throwback doesn’t necessarily equate with a return to form."

So the jury is still out, and like Melancholia, this one could have trouble finding an American audience. But the Academy has always liked Almodovar, and with Antonio Banderas in the lead, a niche audience could help it survive through the brutal Oscar season.

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