Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emmy Contenders: Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

Possible Contenders
Carl Reiner "Hot in Cleveland"
Tim Conway "Hot in Cleveland"
Nathan Lane "Modern Family"
Matt Dillon "Modern Family"
James Marsden "Modern Family"
John Lithgow "How I Met Your Mother"
Liam Neeson "The Big C"
Idris Elba "The Big C"
Darren Criss "Glee"
John Stamos "Glee"
Matt Damon "30 Rock"
John Slattery "30 Rock"
Paul Giamatti "30 Rock"
Alan Alda "30 Rock"
Will Ferrell "The Office"
Jim Carey "SNL"
Timothy Olyphant "The Office"
James Spader "The Office"
Jon Hamm "SNL"
Elton John "SNL"
Justin Timberlake "SNL"
Dana Carvey "SNL"
Eddie Izzard "The United States of Tara"
Rob Lowe "Californication"
Richard Dreyfuss "Weeds"
Keith Carradine "The Big Bang Theory"

This race, like most guest acting ones, is packed with plenty of stars, the question is, which ones will make the cut? The two veterans, Tim Conway and Carl Reiner, are sure to get in on name recognition alone, plus I think people are underestimating the Emmy potential of Hot In Cleveland. The Office is sure to get some slots, Will Ferrell probably being the best bet. SNL and 30 Rock have done well in this category before, and with names like Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Alan Alda, Paul Giamatti, John Slattery, and Elton John, there are sure to be some spots available. One of the big mysteries to this season is how The Big C will play out. I think that both Neeson and Elba could get in, but it just depends on Emmy voters' views of the show. Modern Family is definitely popular, and Nathan Lane looks to be its best shot at a nod. Darren Criss has been a sensation on Glee, and will probably get some recognition, as could longtime Emmy favorite John Lithgow.

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