Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art Directors Guild (ADG) Award Nominations

Period Film
Bridge of Spies
Crimson Peak
The Danish Girl
The Revenant

Fantasy Film
Jurassic World
Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Contemporary Film
Ex Machina
The Martian

One Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Series
Downton Abbey - “A Moorland Holiday”
Game of Thrones - “High Sparrow,” “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” “Hardhome”
Gotham - “Strike Force,” “Dammed If You Do…”
The Knick - “Ten Knots,” “The Best With The Best To Get The Best,” “Wonderful Surprises”
Mad Men -  “Person to Person”

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series
Better Call Saul - “Five-O,” “Rico,” “Marco”
Empire - “Pilot”
Homeland - “The Tradition of Hospitality,” “All About Allison,” “The Litvinov Ruse”
House of Cards - “Chapter 29,” “Chapter 36”
True Detective - “The Western Book of the Dead,” “Night Finds You,” “Omega Station”

Television Movie or Limited Series
American Horror Story: Hotel - “Checking In”
Fargo - “Waiting For Dutch,” “Before the Law,” “Fear and Trembling”
Tut - “Power,” “Betrayal,” “Destiny”
Wolf Hall -  “Three Card Trick”

Half-Hour Single-Camera Series
The Last Man on Earth - “Alive in Tucson,” “Is Anybody Out There?,” “Silent Night”
The Muppets - “The Ex-Factor,” “Pig’s in a Blanket”
Silicon Valley - “Sand Hill Shuffle,” “Homicide,” “Adult Content”
Transparent - “Kina Hora,” “The Book of Life,” “Oscillate”
Veep - “Joint Session,” “Election Night”

Multi-Camera Series
2 Broke Girl - “And the Escape Room,” “And the Maybe Baby,”
The Big Bang Theory - “The Skywalker Incursion,” “The Mystery Date Observation,” “The Platonic Permutation”
Clipped - “Dreamers,” “Wi-Fi,” “World’s Rudest Barbershop”
Mom - “Mashed Potatoes and A Little Nitrous,” “Six Popes and Red Ferrari,”
Truth Be Told - “Pilot,” “Big Black Coffee,” “Members Only”

Awards or Event Special
The 67th Annual Emmy Awards
The American Music Awards
The Oscars
Saturday Night Live - 40th Anniversary Special
The Wiz Live!

Short Format: Web Series, Music Video, or Commercial
American Horror Story: Hotel  - "Hallways"
Apple Music - "The History of Sound"
Duracell: Star Wars - "Battle For Christmas Morning"
Madonna -  "Ghosttown"
Victoria's Secret - "Rome"

Variety, Reality or Competition Series
Conan - “At Comic-Con”
The Ellen Degeneres Show - “Halloween”
Key & Peele - “Ya’ll Ready For This?” “The End”
Saturday Night Live - “Tracey Morgan/Demi Lovato,” “Scarlett Johansson/Wiz Khalifa,” “Miley Cyrus”
Top Chef - “Stop the Presses”
The Voice - “Blind Auditions Premiere,” “Battles Premiere,”

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