Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Oscar Narrative: Final Oscar Predictions - Best Costume Design and Best Makeup and Hair Styling

Best Costume Design
Will Win - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Could Win - Into the Woods
Should Win - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Commentary -  As with Production Design, this is a category that has favored big bold period and fantasy costumes. Oscar voters have always taken Best Costume Design to mean Most Obvious Costume Design. So like in production design, Into the Woods is one to watch. But once again, I am going with the Best Picture contender, and the film whose costumes are great looks at the period, and are bright and a huge part of the story. Of course I am speaking of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Tonight are the Costume Design Guild Awards, and depending on how they turn out, I might take a second look here. But these voters clearly love The Grand Budapest Hotel, it has done tremendously well with the craft guilds, and won four craft BAFTA awards. I think this another one to its total (which could be the highest of the night).

Best Makeup and Hair Styling
Will Win - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Could Win - Guardians of the Galaxy or Foxcatcher
Should Win - Guardians of the Galaxy
Commentary - Like most of the craft categories this year, there is some mystery surrounding who is going to win this award. In the history of this award, two types of films have dominated the winners. First and foremost are fantasy films, so Guardians of the Galaxy, and its bright and fun makeup design will surely garner a lot of attention. The other genre that has traditional done well is the biopic. So Foxcatcher, and Steve Carell's infamous nose are definitely in play. So when I say I am picking The Grand Budapest Hotel to win here, I am really going against history. But it did extremely well at the Makeup and Hair Styling Guild, and once again, the film is beloved by the Academy as the whole, especially the craft guilds. And it won the BAFTA award as well. I think in a close race, it pulls it off.

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