Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Grammy Predictions - Record of the Year

Will Win - Sam Smith "Stay With Me"

Could Win - Sia "Chandelier" or Taylor Swift "Shake it Off"

Should Win - Sia "Chandelier"

Commentary - Sia's Chandelier is easily the best radio hit of the year. It is a soaring pop ballad that has both flash and substance. I think it could pull off a win here. And Taylor Swift should never be discounted. While flashy and upbeat pop hits have never done well here (compared to the softer and darker work from Sia and Sam Smith), she is Taylor Swift and her song is infectious (literally I wish I could get it out of my head!). But I think that Sam Smith is practically unstoppable in most of these categories, particularly anything involving Sam Smith, and particularly anything involving Stay With Me. The album as a whole was a bit disappointing, but Stay With Me was a fantastic record, is beloved by so many, and I think it becomes this year's Record of the Year.

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