Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Grammy Predictions - Album of the Year

Will Win - Beyonce "Beyonce"

Should Win - Beyonce "Beyonce"

Could Win - Beck "Morning Phase" or Beck "Morning Phase"

Commentary - Sam Smith could sweep all four categories, and while it would not be their worst choice, I do hope, and I truly think that they are going to go their own way on Album of the Year. Smith is clearly talented and Stay With Me is a smash hit, but the album as a whole was a bit of a disappointed. Rock artists have always done well in general categories when nominated, and I think that Beck is the real dark horse. Plus he has been cranking out great album after great album for a long time without taking this top prize. Overdue definitely comes to mind. Although one could also argue that Beyonce is also overdue. She too has been cranking out great album after another, selling millions of records, and only gotten one general award (Song of the Year for Single Ladies). Her self-titled album got a lot of buzz after its surprise release. But once the dust settled, it also managed to have some of the best reviews of the year, sell a ton of albums, and continue to prove that no one has the power of the Queen B. I think she wins this award here. Her lack of Song or Record of the Year nods is a bit disconcerting, but we have seen plenty of albums win without either.

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