Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Grammy Predictions: Rock/Alternative

Best Rock Album
Will Win/Should Win - Beck "Morning Phase"
Could Win - U2 "Songs of Innocence" or The Black Keys "Turn Blue"
Commentary - Beck is the obvious front runner here, with an Album of the Year nod under his belt. But The Black Keys are popular as of late, and there may be some hangover love. The one I am really looking for though is U2. They didn't manage to crash the party anywhere else, but never discount Grammy voters and their love of U2.

Best Rock Performance
Will Win/Should Win - The Black Keys "Fever"
Could Win - Beck "Blue Moon" or Jack White "Lazaretto"
Commentary - A three way race that could go any way. Beck could ride his album's wave, but Blue Moon as a single did not have the same impact as the album as a whole. Lazaretto could win here, because of the giant amount of love Grammy voters have for Jack White. But of the bunch, the record that made the most impact was Black Keys Fever. I am not at all confident in this pick, but of the bunch it makes the most sense.

Best Rock Song
Will Win/Should Win - D. Auerbach, B. Burton & P. Carney "Fever"
Could Win - Honestly any of them
Commentary - Another toss up race, basically see Rock Performance, although Adams or Paramore could sneak in here and upset the apple cart.

Best Alternative Album
Will Win - Jack White "Lazaretto"
Could Win - St. Vincent "St. Vincent" or Arcade Fire "Reflektor"
Should Win - Arcade Fire "Reflektor"
Commentary - My favorite album of the year was Reflektor, and there is probably still a lot of love for Arcade Fire after their upset Album of the Year win a couple of years ago. And St. Vincent was a breakout album that topped Rolling Stone's best of the year, so it will probably have a lot of voters thrown its way. But I am going with Jack White, the Grammy veteran. When it comes to the Grammys, stick with what they know, and White has an excellent track record.

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