Friday, November 9, 2012

New Les Miserables Trailer

So a new trailer has debuted for Les Miserables. In some respects, it confirms that it is massive, sprawling, and probably very well acted. Unless it is a complete bomb it will definitely hit big with the HFPA, and will do well in technical/acting categories. But there are also some concerns. It was a little messily edited, which is probably just the trailer not the film. The other problem for me was Russell Crowe. I know it was only a few bars, but he didn't sound that great, and he just doesn't look like he is fitting in as well as teh other cast. On a high note, Eddie Redmayne sounded incredible with his few lines, and I think that Samantha Barks and Anne Hathaway are definitely Oscar contenders for Best Supporting Actress. What do you think?:

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