Friday, June 25, 2010

Emmy Nomination Predictions: TV Movie/Miniseries

Outstanding Made for Television Miniseries

1. You Don't Know Jack
2. Georgia O'Keefe
3. Temple Grandin
4. The Special Relationship
5. When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story

Alternates: Endgame, A Dog Year, Capturing Mary, Moonshot

Commentary: I think there are four safe spots for the high profile projects of Temple Grandin, You Don't Know Jack, The Special Relationship, and Georgia O'Keefe. The final slot could go to Endgame or A Dog Year or even Moonshot, but the Winona Ryder vehicle When Love is Not Enough, gets the final spot.

Outstanding Miniseries
1. The Pacific
2. Emma

Alternates: Return to Cranford, The Prisoner, Alice

Commentary: With only five eligible minis this year, and a clear cut winner (most likely) with The Pacific, I went with Emma in the second spot, although Return to Cranford could easily get the gig.

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