Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Emmy Top Ten Lists: Best Drama Series

1. Lost
2. Mad Men
3. Breaking Bad
4. Damages
5. Dexter
6. Big Love
7. The Good Wife
8. House
9. Treme
10. Parenthood

Commentary: Mad Men may have some tough competition this year, as Damages is going off the air, Breaking Bad is getting better and better, and Dexter had its best season yet. But this year Lost's last season, and particularly its last episode could easily and should easily carry the day. Big Love could be back in again this year, even though this season wasn't as good as lasts. House is always in the mix, but is falling off the map. Finally there are some newcomers like Parenthood, Treme, and The Good Wife who could make their mark. While not on the list, 11-15 or so may include some stiff competition I wouldn't count out like True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, and Justified.

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