Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor/Actress in a TV Movie/Miniseries

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Made For Television Movie/Miniseries

1. Hope Davis “The Special Relationship”
2. Claire Danes “Temple Grandin”
3. Maggie Smith “Capturing Mary”
4. Joan Allen “Georgia O’Keefe”
5. Judi Dench “Return to Cranford”

Alternates: Caterina Scorsone “Alice”, Romola Garai “Emma”

Commentary: This one is basically set in stone. Two Academy Award winners, lock. Joan Allen, lock. Claire Danes and Hope Davis are industry insiders......lock.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Made For Television Movie/Miniseries

1. Dennis Quaid “The Special Relationship”
2. Michael Sheen “The Special Relationship”
3. Al Pacino “You Don’t Know Jack”
4. Ian McKellen “The Prisoner”
5. Jeremy Irons “Georgia O’Keefe”

Alternates: Tom Wilkinson “A Number”, Chiwitel Ejiofor “Endgame”, William Hurt “Endgame”, Tom Selleck “Jesse Stone: No Remorse”

Commentary: This one is not so locked in stone. I think Quaid, Pacino, McKellen, and Irons are in, but that last spot is tricky. I go with Sheen, cause if Quaid gets in, so should Sheen. But William Hurt is hot on their trail, simply because he is William Hurt. And don't count out Wilkinson, Ejiofor, and Selleck, who are well known contenders. Also don't count out The Pacific boys, but I think they cancel each other out, plus it is not an acting showcase.

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