Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

1. Betty White "SNL"
2. Kristin Chenoweth "Glee"
3. Tina Fey "SNL"
4. Elaine Stritch "30 Rock"
5. Catherine O'Hara "Crub Your Enthusiasm"

Alternates: Kathleen Turner "Californication", Julia Louis-Dreyfuss "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Kathy Bates "The Office", Minnie Driver "Modern Family", Judith Ivey "Nurse Jackie", Christine Baranski "The Big Bang Theory"

Commentary: Not sure if there will be five or six nominees, so I went with five, and Judith Ivey, Kathy Bates, and Christine Baranski are the next in line. I think that Tina Fey and Betty White are locks for their SNL turns. I also think that Kristin Chenoweth is in for her singing turn in Glee. Finally, I think that Stritch is in because of name recognition, and O'Hara is a guilty pleasure pick that deserves some recognition.

Outstading Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

1. Neil Patrick Harris "Glee"
2. Jon Hamm "SNL"
3. Carl Reiner "Two and a Half Men"
4. Harvey Fierstein "Nurse Jackie"
5. Mike O'Malley "Glee"

Alternates: Fred Willard "Modern Family", Will Arnett "30 Rock", Matt Damon "30 Rock", James Franco "30 Rock", Eli Wallach "Nurse Jackie"

Commentary: I'm going out on a limb and predicting that Glee makes a big statement getting in both Harris and O'Malley, although this is a tough category, and neither could make it. Jon Hamm is the frontrunner at this point, and Reiner and Fierstein are industry vets that deserve more credit than they usually get. This is a tough category and any of the alternates could get in. We'll wait and see.

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