Friday, January 1, 2010

Review: Avatar

In the somewhat distant future, a paraplegic marine, Jake Sully replaces his brother on the far off moon of Pandora. There the US government is trying to mine unobtanium, a mineral that has a crazy price value. In a struggle between a military operation and a diplomatic solution stems from the fact that the native population the Na'vi are on top of the moon's biggest deposit. When Sully inhabits Avatars, which mix human DNA with native DNA to try to understand the native people, he falls in love, and becomes one of the Na'vi, then tries to save their planet and their way of life.

The story is, as has been commented on by many, is actually pretty simple, and definitely misses on some points, especially background information. However, the story is also energetic, romantic, and at times funny, suspenseful, and not as big of a detractor as critics make it out to be.

The acting is actually pretty good, especially from Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, and Michelle Rodriquez. Unfortunately, Sam Worthington leaves much to be desired, but hopefully he will grow into a leading man.

To be honest, none of the aforementioned aspects of the film means much to me at all. From the time I put on my funky-looking 3-D glasses, I was transformed into another world, I became fully enthralled in the story, and especially the incredible, and yes, groundbreaking visuals, that make this the most entertaining experience I think I have ever had in a movie theatre. This can be attributed to the mastermind, the true King of the World, the great Jim Cameron. His vision had to wait for technology, and his picky detail to perfection missed some spots, but Cameron has created a modern masterpiece that completely blew me away.

To be honest again, the only problem with this movie is that I had to take off my glasses, walk out of the theater, and leave behind Jim Cameron's amazing world

Grade: A

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