Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Critics Choice Predictions

This Friday, the Broadcast Film Critics Association will present the winners of the Critic's Choice Awards. Here is a look at my thoughts on the ceremony.

Best Picture

This one is up in the air, no pun intended. Up in the Air stands to be the favorite here, but could easily see its spot taken by The Hurt Locker or Avatar. Out of those three, Up in the Air has the highest rating at 97, followed by Hurt Locker at 93, and Avatar at 89. In that aspect UITA is the favorite, but as we know that usually doesn't hold as much weight as it should.

Prediction: Up in the Air

Best Director

Once again, there is no clear cut favorite. Kathryn Bigelow may have won every critics awards known to man, but James Cameron has already won one of these awards, and they may go with his visionary blockbuster. I'm going to play it safe for now however.

Prediction: Kathryn Bigelow "The Hurt Locker"

Best Actor

Well, the ambiguity continues, as this, to me at least is a two horse race between Jeff Bridges and George Clooney. Bridges is the sentimental favorite, but they loved Up in the Air more than they did Crazy Heart, so I'll go with the momentum.

Prediction: George Clooney "Up in the Air"

Best Actress

This one seemed like a two-horse race only a month ago. Now I could see a four-horse race to the finish line. Last year this award was split, and we could see this again. I see this though going to the favorite and beloved Meryl Streep over two newcomers (Sidibe and Mulligan) and Sandra Bullock, but don't count them out yet.

Prediction: Meryl Streep "Julie & Julia"

Best Supporting Actor/Actress.

Four words: Christoph Waltz and Mo'Nique

Best Young Actor/Actress

Since she managed a Best Actress nomination as well as this one, I'm going with Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan.

Prediction: Saoirse Ronan "The Lovely Bones"

Best Acting Ensemble

This one is kinda tricky, because in year's past they have given consolation prizes here for Best Picture losers. So I'm making a bold choice and going with:

Prediction: Inglourious Basterds

Best Original Screenplay

If Inglorious Basterds takes home Ensemble, then I say they give this one to The Hurt Locker to balance things out.

Prediction: Marl Boal "The Hurt Locker"

Best Adapted Screenplay

While there are some strong nominees, Up in the Air has this one locked up. Especially if it loses all the other awards (which is possible), they are going to give it something.

Prediction: Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner "Up in the Air"

Best Comedy

I hope they go with the best movie and not the popular choice, but that probably won't happen. It should be (500) Days of Summer, instead:

Prediction: The Hangover

Best Animated Film

While FMF is great, Up got a Best Pic nod, so this should be a cakewalk.

Prediction: Up

Best Action Movie

Prediction: Avatar

The Rest:

Cinematography - Avatar
Art Direction - Avatar
Costumes - Nine
Editing - Avatar
Makeup - District 9
Sound - Avatar
Visual Effects - Avatar
Foreign Language - The White Ribbon
Documentary - Michael Jackson's This is It
Picture Made For Television - Grey Gardens
Song - "The Weary Kind" - Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett - Crazy Heart
Score - Marvin Hamlisch – The Informant!

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