Sunday, September 8, 2019

2019 Emmy Predictions: Best Writing and Directing in a Comedy and Drama Series

Best Directing in a Drama Series
Will Win - Miguel Sapochnik "Game of Thrones - The Long Night"
Could Win - Adam McKay "Succession - Celebration" or Daina Reid "The Handmaid's Tale - Holly"
Should Win - McKay or Sapochnik
Commentary - Three Game of Thrones nominees makes me nervous in picking one to win. Three is a lot. Although, I think that most voters will rally behind The Long Night, which was the directorial achievement of the bunch. If there is vote splitting I expect Adam McKay (who won the DGA this year) to win for Succession. He is the Oscar-winning writer/director whose name on a ballot inspires other directors to vote for him. I also think that, in its shortened season, that Holly from The Handmaid's Tale could benefit from the splitting, if voters are still high on the show.

Best Writing in a Drama Series
Will Win - David Benioff and D.B. Weiss "Game of Thrones - The Long Night"
Could Win - Emerald Fennell "Killing Eve - Nice and Neat" or Bruce Miller and Kira Snyder "The Handmaid's Tale - Holly"
Should Win - Peter Gould and Thomas Schnauz "Better Call Saul - Winner"
Commentary - Game of Thrones winning a directing award for this season? Sure, I see it. A writing award? No one really thinks that it deserves to win here, which is why Killing Eve and The Handmaid's Tale have a real shot at upsetting. But, Game of Thrones is so popular this year, and unlike in directing, it does not have any internal competition. Pure populism could earn it another win in writing.

Best Directing in a Comedy Series
Will Win - Daniel Palladino "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - We're Going to the Catskills"
Could Win - Bill Hader "Barry - ronny/lily"
Should Win - Daniel Palladino
Commentary - This is a tough one. A lot of pundits have moved toward Hader's directing role in Barry. I understand that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel may not win Comedy Series this year, with so much competition. But do pundits really think it is going to go from sweeping the Emmys to nothing? There is precedent, as seem by The Handmaid's Tale last year. But that was because by the end of the season, the quality and controversy around the show hurt it. Maisel had great reviews for Season 2, and people loved the whole season. I think that Palladino's work in We're Going to the Catskills is going to inspire directors to vote for it. It is not the greatest episode, but it is brilliant constructed and shows some cool new looks, something not often seen in a comedy series. Its a tough race, but I am sticking with Palladino.

Best Writing in a Comedy Series
Will Win - Phoebe Waller-Bridge "Fleabag - Episode 2.1"
Could Win - David Mandel "Veep - Veep"
Should Win - Waller-Bridge
Commentary - Fleabag's first episode of the season is one of the most brilliantly written episodes seen on television in a long time. I think that writers will particularly appreciate this episode, and it fits in line with many of their recent past winners. Can something beat it? Despite its lack of total nominations, Veep is experiencing a rise among prognosticators, probably due to the nostalgia of its last season. I could see voters giving David Mandel one last trophy for his work. Of course, this is also Fleabag's last season too.

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