Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2019 Emmy Predictions: Best Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win - Sandra Oh "Killing Eve"

Could Win - Laura Linney "Ozark" or Emilia Clarke "Game of Thrones"

Should Win - After all of her wins during the precursors, and how well Killing Eve did across the board this year, I am still predicting Sandra Oh. She deserves to win, I don't think Jodi Comer is too much internal competition, and honestly they owe her from Grey's Anatomy. So is she a lock? Hell no. Laura Linney has only ever lost one of her previous Emmy nominations, and she lost to the (at the time) up and coming star power that was Melissa McCarthy. Is Oh's star power as bright? This will be the test. Also watch out for Emilia Clarke. I don't care what critics thought. I don't care if her story line was disappointing. Game of Thrones got 34 nominations. They got almost every actor on the ballot into a nomination slot. She is a threat.

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