Wednesday, July 3, 2019

2019 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

2019 Nomination Predictions
Luke Kirby "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"
Peter MacNicol "Veep"
Lin-Manuel Miranda "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
John Mulaney "Saturday Night Live"
Bob Newhart "The Big Bang Theory"
Adam Sandler "Saturday Night Live"

Other Contenders - Danny DeVito "The Kominsky Method", Matt Damon "Saturday Night Live", Adam Scott "The Good Place", RuPaul Charles "Grace and Frankie", Matthew Broderick "Better Things", Seth Meyers "Saturday Night Live", Robert DeNiro "Saturday Night Live", Adam Driver "Saturday Night Live"

Commentary - A Lot of SNL guys are confusing the category. Once again, determining the jaw dropper is difficult. I think Peter MacNicol, after being disqualified a few years ago, will make the cut (double checked, should be no issue this time around), and once again, if tapes mattered, he would be a slam dunk. Of the SNL guys, John Mulaney should be in the mix, as he was easily the best host of the bunch. I also think Adam Sandler (yes, that Adam Sandler) is in the mix. His films are crap, but he is at home on the SNL set, and nostalgia could play a factor. Bob Newhart missed out last for The Big Bang Theory, but I think that the love from the show's final season could earn it an Emmy resurgence, including one final nod for the legendary Newhart. After getting nominated last year, I think Lin-Manuel Miranda earns another Emmy nod for his hilarious role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Those are my six, although I am weary of some of the other SNL guys like Damon, DeNiro, Meyers, and Driver. I also think that Danny Devito is a real threat for a nod (and I might move him in by the final nomination list), and am looking out for Adam Scott, RuPaul, and Matthew Broderick as well.

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