Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Secret in Their Eyes, Snowden, Creed and Steve Jobs Premiere New Trailers

While the Emmys are dominating the headlines here at The Awards Psychic, we must not forget that this weekend I will reveal the nominees for the 7th Annual Halfway Awards!! (Has it really been seven years?, that makes me feel really old), and that we are now 60 days till the starting of the Telluride Film Festival, aka of the 2016 Oscar season. So, in honor of the impending season, here are four juicy trailers for films that could be big contenders come Oscar time: Snowden, The Secret in their Eyes, and full trailer for Steve Jobs. 

First up is Steve Jobs. The teaser was definitely enticing. I know that this film has a lot of trouble getting off the ground. But to me, it looks like a semi-sequel to The Social Network. The cast is fantastic, the mood is thrilling, and it definitely seems to capture all of the components, good and bad, of Steve Jobs: 
The next in line is The Secret in the Their Eyes, the English remake of the Oscar-winning Argentinian film. I hate when Americans remake great foreign films because we are too stupid or too lazy to read subtitles. But Billy Ray behind the pen and camera, and that cast, particularly Julia Roberts, who looks amazing (it is nice to see her having a career comeback by the way), put this one on my must-see list. 
A year after CitizenFour won Best Documentary Feature, two-time Oscar winning director Oliver Stone is bringing the narrative to life once again with Snowden. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley are great young actor who have been on the verge of awards recognition for years. But Stone hasn't had a great film in a long time, and this teaser doesn't give me enough to decide whether he has regained his stride or not: 
Finally there is Creed, an continuation of the Rocky universe. Let's face it, besides the original, the Rocky franchise has not been the the best. But this new adaptation stars Michael B. Jordan, one of the best actors working today, and is directed by Ryan Coogler, the guy that brought you Fruitvale Station. If any duo can save this franchise, it is them. And the trailer looks great:

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