Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RIP Richard Glatzer

For anyone who has followed this past Oscar season, and the journey of Julianne Moore to her overdue Oscar victory should be familiar with the name Richard Glatzer and his husband Wash Westmoreland. This dynamic duo produced many indie favorites over the last decade, Still Alice being their best and most successful. Moore mentioned many times the personal connection that these film makers had to the story of Still Alice, the struggle of a debilitating disease and the caregivers that fight for their life and survival. That is because Glatzer was suffering with ALS. After four years of battling the disease, I am sad to say that Richard Glatzer has passed away. All of us who have dreamed of seeing Julianne Moore win an Oscar owe Glatzer a lot of credit. But most importantly, any of us who love film should find inspiration not only in his successful career as a filmmaker, but in his undeniable spirit. Despite his limitations, he and his partner life finished one last film, a film that will continue to leave its mark. My thoughts and prayers are with Westmoreland and the rest of Glatzer's family, friends, and colleagues. And I thank him for his courage and for sharing his talent with the world. Rest in Peace old friend.

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