Thursday, March 12, 2015

Andy Samberg to Host 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards

The Television Academy has announced that Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Andy Samberg will host his year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Samberg can sometimes over do it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a show I have liked since the beginning, but it has become a show I absolutely love, and cannot wait to see each week. That is because its writers have purposely toned down Samberg to even out some of the excess, and given more material to its supporting cast, creating one of the most dynamic ensemble comedies on television. I hope that this year's Emmy producers recognize the strategy of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine producers and balance out Samberg's excess with his exuberant sketch and live comedy talent, a skill he honed in on Saturday Night Live. Either way, I still think he will be a great host with a lot of energy and will produce some solid laughs in a show that doesn't have a lot of wiggle room for a host (there are a lot of categories). I also hope that the Television Academy's voting members give him a nomination for Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year, because he, the rest of the cast, and the show as a whole deserve a lot more attention than they got last year.

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