Friday, March 20, 2015

Emmys Rule Orange is the New Black as Drama

Just like I think the Limited Series rule changes at this year's Emmys should be named the "True Detective Rule", I was pretty sure that the hour vs. half-hour rule was basically the "Orange is the New Black Rule". Glee and Jane the Virgin, despite being one-hour long, were ruled as comedies, which is the appropriate placement. I'm still not buying the Shameless switch, but that one was allowed in as well, which is fair because it is one of those show that really does border comedy and drama. But Orange is the New Black, for me, was the big test to see if these panels, who can override the rules and place shows where they want to compete, was just a ruse to appease those who were frustrated with Dramas hopping down to comedy to outrun the tough Drama categories, or a worthy body that can make reasoned and accurate decisions. Well today, the committee ruled that Orange is the New Black is in fact a drama, which it is. It is a great show, and I think it could still make some impact at the Emmys. But, expect for a few Uzo Aduba moments, it is a drama, and I am glad to see the committee finally put it in the category it deserves. I hope they do the same thing if True Detective takes another shot at Drama Series for its Season 2. I can't think of too many other shows with a lot of Emmy potential (the four that were up in the air are now decided), but I think that so far, this new system, and the new rules are working. As always, we'll have to wait and see...

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