Friday, March 25, 2011

The State of The Race - First Predictions: Best Director

Stephen Daldry "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
Terrence Malick "The Tree of Life"
Alexander Payne "The Descendants"
Jason Reitman "Young Adult"
Steven Spielberg "War Horse"

Other Possibilties - Cameron Crowe "We Bought a Zoo", Martin Scorsese "Hugo Cabret", David Fincher "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", Clint Eastwood "J. Edgar", Steven Soderbergh "Contagion", Lynne Ramsay "We Need to Talk About Kevin", Thomas McCarthy "Win Win", George Clooney "The Ides of March", Bennet Miller "Moneyball", Pedro Almodovar "The Skin I Live In"

Commentary - The list of past winners and nominees that have movies coming out this year is incredible, and my guess is that many of these big names won't make the cut for maybe more unknown individuals. But for now I am going with who I think are the strongest contenders. Jason Reitman has gotten a Best Director nod for the last two films he directed, and Steven Soderbergh for every movie he's directed, so my guess is that they are top contenders. Steven Spielberg and Terrence Malick are legends, and if their projects are as good as they look, then they are definitely in the running. Finally, I went with Alexander Payne, because if The Descendants is even half as good as Sideways, then he deserves a nod. If you look at the Other Possibilties section, the current five means I am leaving out some huge names including Eastwood, Scorsee, Fincher, Soderbergh, etc. This means that this race will most likely be as contested as it was this year, and also that someone that deserves a nod will have to be snubbed at year's end.

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