Saturday, March 5, 2011

If I Were An Academy Voter - 2010 Part II

Best Art Direction
Academy Winner - Alice In Wonderland
My Pick - The King's Speech
Commentary - I did love the sets of Alice, but I guess I am old fashioned and prefer the more traditional sets, than the more CGI heavy ones. So I am going with Best Picture winner The King's Speech over Academy Winner Alice. I am going for subtle over flashy.

Best Costume Design
Academy Winner/My Pick - Alice In Wonderland
Commentary - While I am still weary of honor more CGI heavy Art Direction, the Costumes in Alice in Wonderland were definitely the best of the year, and I would have voted for Atwood, even if I'm weary of the double win.

Best Cinematography
Academy Winner - Wally Pfister "Inception"
My Pick - Roger Deakins "True Grit"
Commentary - So, while I feel that Inception had the better cinematography, Roger Deakins deserves an Oscar plain and simple, so I would have voted to give it to him.

Best Film Editing
Academy Winner/My Pick - The Social Network
Commentary - This film zipped by so fast, you wish there was more. It was fast-paced, energetic, and entertaining, and that is due in part to the incredible Editing job. Definitely a worthy winner.

Best Makeup
Academy Winner - The Wolfman
My Pick - Barney's Version
Commentary - Once again, I am choosing subtle over flashy. I thought that while the makeup in Barney's Version was subtle, it was uber important to the story, and did a great job of aging its characters. Plus it is the better movie. To be honest something seems weird about Academy Award winning film The Wolfman.

Best Original Score
Academy Winner - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross "The Social Network"
My Pick - Hans Zimmer "Inception"
Commentary - I was happy with the win for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, but in my humble opinion, Hans Zimmer's score made Inception. It hit every perfect note, and perfectly captured the intensity of every scene, so he would have gotten my vote.

Best Original Song
Academy Winner/My Pick - Randy Newman "We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3"
Commentary - I didn't really care for the other songs that much, and I love Randy Newman and think that he has been screwed by the Academy for years, so he would have gotten my vote.

Best Sound Mixing
Academy Winner/My Pick - Inception
Commentary - The Academy got this one right, period.

Best Sound Editing
Academy Winner/My Pick - Inception
Commentary - See Above

Best Visual Effects
Academy Winner/My Pick - Inception
Commentary - See Above

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