Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, and Fran Drescher

A few news, and notes about the entertainment world:
  • Last night, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted eight new members including Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, and Neil Diamond. They were announced last year, but as of last night, it is official.
  • Second stayed tuned for SXSW coverage, I am a little behind I know, but once some of the big movies come out and we get reactions, then we can start really thinking about the 2011 Oscar Season!
  • Finally, this is a personal thing, but I used to love Fran Drescher and The Nanny, and EW reports:
    • "Here’s one the populace has been clamoring for: The patented whine of Fran Drescher returning to series TV. The actress’ comedy pilot Happily Divorced is nearing a series order at TV Land. It’s about a woman who re-enters the dating scene and finds a new boyfriend after discovering her husband is gay. Now if that sounds an uninspired logline for a sitcom, it’s actually autobiographical. Drescher revealed last year that ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson is gay and that she didn’t know his true orientation throughout their 21 years of marriage. Marc is also her collaborative partner who produced their previous comedy The Nanny and is on board for Happily Divorced."
      • This may annoy some people, but as someone who still hits up Nick at Nite, and sees all these great 90's shows, I never complain when one of my favorites gets a second chance at TV gold.

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