Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Predictions

Best Ensemble: The King's Speech
Possible - The Fighter, The Social Network

Best Actor: Colin Firth "The King's Speech"
Possible - Jesse Eisenberg "The Social Network"

Best Actress: Natalie Portman "Black Swan"
Possible - Annette Bening "The Kids Are All Right"

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale "The Fighter"
Possible - Geoffrey Rush "The King's Speech"

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo "The Fighter"
Possible - Haliee Steinfeld "True Grit", Helena Bonham Carter "The King's Speech"

Commentary: Essentially, I am predicting A King's Speech sweep of the top Guild awards, and the same dominating four actors to continue to win, although that seems like a stupid notion. Besides Firth, I think all the other three are vulnerable. Yes that includes Natalie Portman. Do not discount the SAG to pull a Ruby Dee and honor the veteran (Bening). It doesn't mean Natalie won't still win the Oscar, but the SAG could be an upset. In the two supporting categories, watch out for The King's Speech, as Rush and Carter are popular actors in popular roles, and could be swept up in a King's Speech whollup. Also watch out for little Hailee Steinfeld, who is fantastic in True Grit, as she could be the upset queen of this whole race.

TV Awards (By the way these are just shots in the dark, I'm not well versed in the SAG TV Section, but will become so before next year.)

Best Drama Series Ensemble - Mad Men
Best Comedy Series Ensemble - Modern Family
Best Actor/Comedy Series - Alec Baldwin "30 Rock"
Best Actress/Comedy Series - Jane Lynch "Glee"
Best Actor/Drama Series - Bryan Cranston "Breaking Bad"
Best Actress/Drama Series - Julianna Margulies "The Good Wife"
Best Actor/TV Mini - Al Pacino "You Don't Know Jack"
Best Actress/TV Mini - Claire Danes "Temple Grandin"

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