Sunday, January 23, 2011

PGA Winners

Whoa!!! I'm not saying that I am not thrilled that this incredible movie won, but man did that throw a wrench into The Social Network's engine. And this isn't any ordinary wrench. Losing a bunch of critical awards is nothing, but the guilds are the real indicators, and this race may be closer than we think. I still think that Fincher will win the DGA, as TKS isn't really a directors movie, but finally, Dave Karger at EW has proved us all wrong by sticking with TKS this whole time. I'm not going to jump on and say that The King's Speech is suddenly the frontrunner, but this makes the race a whole lot more interesting to say the least.

Best Picture - The King's Speech
Episodic TV, drama: Mad Men
Documentary: Waiting for Superman
Long Form TV - The Pacific
Live TV award: The Colbert Report
Animated Feature: Toy Story 3
Episodic Television Show, Comedy: Modern Family

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