Saturday, August 31, 2019

2019 Emmy Predictions: Best Directing and Writing in a Limited Series/TV Movie

Best Directing in a Limited Series/TV Movie
Will Win - Ava DuVernay "When They See Us"
Could Win - Literally any of them
Should Win - Ava DuVernay "When They See Us"
Commentary - The directors often go their own way, so predicting a winner can sometimes be tricky. I think that the incredible popularity of When They See Us, and the raw power of Ava DuVernay's fantastic directing will win at the end of the day. But, I could see Stiller, Frears, or Kail all award-winning directors winning based on name recognition, and quality. I could also see Chernobyl winning, even though I think they have a better shot in other categories. I am picking DuVernay, and genuinely believe that she will win. But I am not going to be surprised if there is an upset.

Best Writing in a Limited Series/TV Movie
Will Win - Craig Mazin "Chernobyl"
Could Win - Any of the other nominees
Should Win - Craig Mazin "Chernobyl"
Commentary - Above, I said that I think Chernobyl was going to win another category. I think this is where it wins. The praise for Mazin's writing is what stands out in the praise for the show. I think that voters will reward his genius in crafting the horror of Chernobyl. Once again though, this could go to any of the nominees. The top series all did so well across the board, it is hard to determine where Emmy voters are going to reward each series. I think this is Chernobyl's win.

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