Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Oscar Narrative: Final Predictions - Best Supporting Actress

Will Win - Viola Davis "Fences"

Could Win - I honestly don't know

Should Win - Viola Davis "Fences"

Commentary - There are certain moments in an awards race, where a category becomes clear. With this one, most people had made up their minds months ago that Viola Davis was going to win. For me there was one final barrier. Fences only got one BAFTA nomination. It was clearly not a favorite of those voters. If Viola Davis could win there, it would show just how strong she is going into Oscar night. Well lo and behold if she didn't pull it off. Another sign of an unstoppable contender is when you can't really picture another nominee winning instead. All of the other four are recognizable names, amazing performances, and all come from Best Picture nominees. But none of them really stand out as the clear number two. All that does is solidify Davis' dominance.

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