Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 MTV Movie Predictions: Best Comedic Performance, Best On-Screen Transformation, and Best Breakthrough Performance

Best Comedic Performance
Will Win - Kevin Hart "The Wedding Ringer"
Could Win - Chris Pratt "Guardians of the Galaxy" or Channing Tatum "22 Jump Street"
Should Win - Rose Byrne "Neighbors" or Chris Rock "Top Five"
Commentary - Guardians is a huge success and Chris Pratt is a genuine star, and Channing Tatum has had a great year with Foxcatcher and 22 Jump Street. But I find it hard to bet against Kevin Hart. He is one of the most popular and hardest working comedian out there today. And while The Wedding Ringer was not his best effort, I think he has enough personal popularity to take the prize here. For the record, if voters really want to reward the best, then they should look to either Chris Rock or the always fantastic Rose Byrne. Both of them were simply fantastic in Top Five and Neighbors respectively, and I have my fingers crossed.

Best On-Screen Transformation
Will Win - Elizabeth Banks "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1"
Could Win - Eddie Redmayne "The Theory of Everything", Zoe Saldana "Guardians of the Galaxy", or Ellar Coltrane "Boyhood"
Should Win - Steve Carell "Foxcatcher"
Commentary - Carell was brilliant, but I think he is the fifth slot in a four-way race. Ellar Coltrane and Eddie Redmayne match the age of most voters, but both films are more pretentious, Oscar-bait films that will not appeal to the wider audience, although both are deserving. Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge hit, but Zoe Saldana with makeup doesn't seem to be a winner. I think that Elizabeth Banks, who strips down to bare bones, no fancy makeup that the character Effie is known for, will win over voters, who also happen to adore The Hunger Games series.

Best Breakthrough Performance
Will Win - Ansel Elgort "The Fault in Our Stars"
Could Win - Ellar Coltrane "Boyhood" or Dylan O'Brien "The Maze Runner"
Should Win - David Oyelowo "Selma"
Commentary - David Oyelowo should easily win this award for his stunning performance in Selma, but I honestly don't think he is even in the running. Ellar Coltrane spent 12 years of his life filming Boyhood, and Dylan O'Brien is a hit star in the MTV generation. But I think this one goes to Ansel Elgort for his first lead role in The Fault in Our Stars. He was great in the film, the film is a teen and emerging adult favorite, and I think he is the clear front runner.

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