Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 MTV Movie Award Predictions: Best WTF Moment and Best Shirtless Performance

Best WTF Moment
Will Win - Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne "Neighbors"
Should Win - Miles Teller "Whiplash"
Could Win - Jonah Hill and the Octopus "22 Jump Street"
Commentary - The WTF moment in Whiplash is the best nominee here (kind of surprised it got in to be honest), and it is a pivotal turning point in the film. It should win, but will probably lose out to more popular choices. Jonah Hill and the octopus is pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but Byrne and Rogen's moment in Neighbors is the most ridiculous of the bunch, and I think it pulls it off. Although I would also look out for Horrible Bosses 2. This is clearly going to be a battle of which of this year's raunchy comedies is the most popular.

Best Shirtless Performance
Will Win - Zac Efron "Neighbors"
Should Win - Not going there
Could Win - Channing Tatum "Foxcatcher" or Chris Pratt "Guardians of the Galaxy"
Commentary - Tatum's movie will be his biggest challenge here, although his personal popularity could easily override it. Chris Pratt is a possibility for Guardians, especially if the film gets on a roll. But after winning last year, and clearly being a favorite among this particular voting poplace, I will be surprised if Zac Efron does go 2 for 2. PS, I hate that every year the MTV folks make me pick a winner in these two categories. But after seeing their Best Film lineup this year, I am willing to let it go for now.

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