Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Emmy Contenders: Best Actor in a Comedy Series

2012 Contenders
Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory"
Alec Baldwin "30 Rock"
Louis C.K. "Louie"
Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Don Cheadle "House of Lies"
Jon Cryer "Two and a Half Men"
Johnny Galecki "The Big Bang Theory"
Joel McHale "Community"
Will Arnett "Up All Night"
Tim Allen "Last Man Standing"
Matthew Morrison "Glee"
Adam Scott "Parks & Recreation"
Josh Radnor "How I Met Your Mother"
Thomas Jane "Hung"
Rob Lowe "Parks & Recreation"
Warwick Davis "Life's Too Short"
 Lucas Neff "Raising Hope"
Elijah Wood "Wilfred"
Jeremy Sisto "Suburgatory"
Billy Gardell "Mike and Molly"
Ed Helms "The Office"
Ashton Kutcher "Two and a Half Men"
Neil Flynn "The Middle"
Jason Schwartzman "Bored to Death"
Commentary - In recent years, this has become a category where it is hard to find enough qualified nominees. This year, while not too expansive, there does seem to be at least some competition for the six slots. In terms of winning, I don't think anyone can beat Jim Parsons at this point. If Steve Carell couldn't beat him with his final Office episode, I don't see anyone this year being able to unless their episode submission is simply perfect. Alec Baldwin will most likely be nominated this year (and next year for 30 Rock's final season), but I think his time of winning was up long ago. Another nominee from last year, Louis C.K. was a surprise, but now that people have recognized the brilliance of Louie, I think he is in again. Johnny Galecki could return to this year's race, but with a little more competition this year, he is not a sure thing. More of a sure thing is Larry David, who returns for Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has always been an Emmy favorite. Jon Cryer is also a good possibility, as much as it pains me to say so, after his switch back to lead. I'm hoping that Emmy voters recognize how bad that show has gotten and move on, but don't count on it. On a happier note, Don Cheadle's perfomance in the sharp House of Lies looks like it too is a strong Emmy contender. Beyond that, names like Matthew Morrison, Tim Allen, Joel McHale, and Will Arnett are outside possibilities, but none of them are apparently strong.


  1. It’s definitely going to be tough to beat Jim Parsons. He’s just so on-point and did a great job with the character development the writers gave Sheldon this season. I was pretty bummed that I missed The Big Bang Theory’s season finale the night it aired, but luckily I had PrimeTime Anytime enabled on my DVR, so it recorded it automatically. Even better, because the Auto Hop feature was recently added to the Hopper, I had the option to skip through the commercials automatically. I think the lack of interruptions made the episode flow better, and it made me happier than ever that one of my coworkers at Dish convinced me to get the Hopper.

  2. Parsons has that awesome likeability factor to him. So I think it's his to lose. Baldwin, David, Galecki, LeBlanc and C.K. are most likely to get noms too.

  3. Apparently, Episodes is not eligible this year, so no Leblanc, but my bet would be Baldwin, Parsons, C.K., Galecki, Cryer, and David, maybe Cheadle if they like House of Lies.