Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 Emmy Contenders: Best Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

2012 Contenders
Woody Harrelson "Game Change"
Bill Nighy "Page Eight"
Clive Owen "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
Bill Paxton "Hatfields & McCoys"
Kevin Costner "Hatfields & McCoys"
Dominic West "The Hour"
Idris Elba "Luther"
Alan Rickman "The Song of Lunch"
Dylan McDermott "American Horror Story"
Laurence Fishburne "Have a Little Faith"
Eddie Redmayne "Birdsong"
Dominic West "Appropriate Adult"
Eddie Izzard "Treasure Island"
Rob Lowe "Scott Peterson: Untouchable"
Ray Winstone "Great Expectations"
Pierce Brosnan "Bag of Bones"
Bill Pullman "Innocent"
Bruce Greenwood "The River"
Cuba Gooding Jr. "Firelight"
Ethan Hawke "Moby Dick"
Jason Isaacs "Case Histories"
John Corbett "A Smile As Big as the Moon"
Rhys Ifans "Neverland"
William Hurt "Moby Dick"
Tom Selleck "Jesse Stone Innocents Lost"
Commentary - There seem to be a lot more contenders than in the Actress category, further proof that women do not have enough meaningful roles in Hollywood. While his co-star Nicole Kidman will most likely lose to Julianne Moore, Clive Owen looks to be the frontrunner for this prize. Although Moore's co-star in Game Change Woody Harrelson is not far behind. Idris Elba also returns with Luther, but Emmy voters may not think he should be in the miniseries category. Hatfields & McCoys offers two options, Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner, but which one still remains a mystery, and both could get in and both could be left off. Some talented veterans also join the race including Alan Rickman, Laurence Fishburne, Ray Winstone, Bill Pullman, and others, but their vehicles are not as strong as some of those in front of them, and their name recognition plus a decent campaign will be needed to get them into the final five. Stronger cotenders include Dominic West, who looks like he will be getting a nod for The Hour, and Dylan McDermott, whose TV past, combined with the popularity of AHS could combine and end up with a nomination. Finally, Bill Nighy's performance in Page Eight will most likely get recognition, although his chances of winning are less with Harrelson and Owen now in the race.

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