Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten Television Shows of 2010

10. Cougar Town - It got a rough start, but after a couple of episodes it really started to get its footing. Despite a stellar first season, I was wondering if Cox and team could keep the magic going. So far, so good, as Cougar Town remains one of the funniest, and most underrated shows on television today. And Cox, as well as the rest of cast, remain as charming and talented as ever.

9. Archer - I cannot wait until this show comes back on the air. Every Thursday night, my two best friends and I sit down and tune in to this hilarious adult cartoon. It is chocked full of inappropriate jokes that are offensive, but like South Park and Family Guy, you are laughing so hard, you forget that they are insulting you. A winner indeed.

8. Lost - It is far down the list, simply because it has been over for a couple months now. Despite that, no one can deny the cultural footprint that has been left in its wake. While it has left a hole in many peoples' hearts, it's finally season was extremely fulfilling of its incredible start. It will forever be remembered as one of the greatest television dramas of all time.

7. Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston, despite popular belief, cannot ever win enough Emmys for his star-making turn in this AMC gem. While its viewership is still low, Breaking Bad has managed to build up a loyal following of fans that truly appreciates its gritty realism, and its stunning performances. Let's hope that more people recognize this gem before it is gone too soon.

6. Glee -  Ok, so most of the storylines on Glee are less than stellar this season, but all of that seems to just float away when the music starts. At the end of every episode, it doesn;t matter which one, you feel the warmth and infectious nature of the incredible cast, that elevates the material, and the songs to a realm of TV happiness few shows even get close to.

5. Grey's Anatomy - I have been a fan of Grey's the begnning, and have even endured the last three seasons of ups and downs, but after its stellar season finale and its (so far) incredible seventh season, Grey's seems to have rebounded from what seemed like doomed fate, and is starting to feel like the old days, when Grey's was top notch. The characters are starting to re-develop, the combination of humor and cool medical cases that made it a hit has once again struck a perfect balance. Welcome back.

4.  Boardwalk Empire - Rarely does an historical drama survive, unless it is a miniseries, but Boardwalk Empire has proved all of us wrong, as HBO seems to be back on top of its television game. It is a vibrant, entertaining drama that perfectly captures the era in which it is set, and is perfectly anchored by an incredible cast that leads the way.

3. Modern Family - In its second season, Modern Family has seem to hit its stride. It is incredible funny, without being too overplayed, and seems to revolve around its amazing cast, and innate intelligence. It has been a long time since such an impact has been made on the comedy television world, the last example being Arrested Development. It is so nice to see the dysfunctional family comedy in full form.

2. Parenthood - This underappreciated drama is a perfect family show. The reason it works is that its cast and writers avoid overdramatic flourishes and unbelievable story lines. Instead it chooses to tackle issues that all families go through in a manner that is intelligent without being patronizing, and is something that both parents and children can connect to. I hope you save this wonderful show to save it from the cutting floor over at NBC.

1. The Good Wife - Since The West Wing went off the air, the political buff in me has not been able to replace the hole in my heart. Yet, this year I got hooked on Julianna Marguiles, and the incredible cast, particularly Emmy-winner Archie Panjabi, and the juicy, yet intelligent storylines of this incredible drama. If you have not checked it out, you need to tune in. It is a hell of a lot of fun.

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