Monday, May 10, 2010

Emmy Top Ten Lists: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

1. Elisabeth Moss "Mad Men"
2. Chloe Sevigny "Big Love"
3. Rose Byrne "Damages"
4. Chrisitina Hendricks "Mad Men"
5. Chandra Wilson "Grey's Anatomy"
6. Sandra Oh "Grey's Anatomy"
7. Khandi Alexander "Treme"
8. Christine Baranski "The Good Wife"
9. Cherry Jones "24"
10. Ginnfer Goodwin "Big Love"

Commetary: Now that Elisabeth Moss has been put into supporting, she is now the frontrunner, as in the Best Actress category is stacked with Emmy faves. Her co-star Christina Hendricks should finally get some love this year, as she has been shunned for too long. Rose Byrne may have only one more chance to win a well-deserved Emmy for standing hall against Glenn Close for three years. The Grey's girls are always great (even when the show isn't), and are always in the mix and both deserve Emmys. Cherry Jones surprised everyone with a well-deserve win, but 24 is falling off the map and she may miss the cut altogether this year. The Big Love girls, Chloe Sevigny and Ginner Goodwin could see their names called, and Sevigny is fresh off her Golden Globe win, and could add an Emmy to her collection. Finally two newcomers (not really, but in terms of new shows) the Emmy fave Christine Baranski, and the fantastic Khandi Alexander in the wonderful new series Treme, could add some new blood to the race.


  1. We want Cherry Jones to win. We don't watch any other shows on TV except for 24, so really it doesn't matter if any of the other actresses are technically 'better.'
    ***They are irrelevant***

  2. Haha...I like Cherry Jones a lot, I'm really glad she won last year, I just hope the Emmys are smart and nominate her again, but you know how they Emmys are. They have this thing about not nominating the best performances, that's why I was surprised when she won last year.